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SOLD 1930s Art Deco Inlaid Jewellery Box
Code:   (JB221)

Beautiful 1930s Art Deco Inlaid Jewellery Box

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This is a beautiful Art Deco jewellery box.  It was made in Italy in the 1930s, and is complete with its original working lock.

The exterior

The box is made of solid Olive Wood and has a beautiful large panel of mosaic inlay on the lid! It also has bands of mosaic inlay around the base of the box, on all four sides, as well as a beautiful hand painted Swallow on the lock flap.  All this extra detail is a sign of high quality craftmanship! 

The very 
decorative type of mosaic inlay on this box, is known as 'Tesselation'.  A description of this can be found below.  The inlay on the lid has a tapestry like appearance, and the bands of inlay around the base have beautiful Swans and swirling motifs!

The box is beautifully finished with fine bands of Boxwood stringing.  Another sign of quality.

The Swallow and Swans have beautiful symbolic meanings and add further appeal to this already very decorative box.  Their endearing symbolism as detailed below, may be very meaningful to the intended recipient of this box!

Swallow Symbolism

The swallow represents the safe journey home of a loved one.

Swan Symbolism

The Swan is representative of grace and beauty on many different levels.  It has associations of love, poetry and music.  As a solar animal it represents the rising of a new day, as well as a fond farewell of an old day with the setting of the sun.  In Roman mythology the Swan was sacred to Venus, the Goddess of love, and in Greek mythology it was often pictured singing to a Lyre. Such beautiful symbolism!

Mosaic Tesselation Inlay

This type of inlay is skillfully created with hundreds of tiny pieces of wood.  It is painstakingly put together over many, many hours, to form a beautiful mosaic pattern.  Several varieties of wood are used to add colour and dimension to the mosaic.

The interior

The interior has two swing opening compartments, and a further larger compartment beneath. The bases of the compartments have beautiful new padded 'raspberry' red satin panels, and their inside walls have been relined with the same satin.

There is also a new raspberry red satin panel to the inside of the lid.

All of this beautiful refurbishment has been carried out by our trusted skilled box restorer.

The box is complete with its original long piano stop hinge which prevents the lid from falling right back.  It is also complete with its original working lock and it has a replacement key which has been cut to fit it.  This locks the box securely.

The box stands slightly raised on its original turned 'Acorn' feet.  One of these is a later replacement and has a slightly different form.  It has been well crafted and sits level with the original three!

Our Jewellery Box Restorer

You can read about Jim, our wonderful box restorer, by visiting our About Us page.


This wonderful box is in excellent condition for its 85 plus years of age.  The inlay is still in lovely condition, just a few teeny pieces missing and slightly lifted, upon that to the lid.  This is barely noticeable.

The inlay around the base is all present and intact.

Other than this there is minor wear to the Olive Wood as we'd expect due the age of the box.

The interior linings and panels, being new, are in excellent condition!


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length:  26.0cm
Width:   14.7cm
Height:  11.5cm

Swing Compartments x 2:

Each 9.5cm square with a 3.5cm depth.

Lower Compartment:

22.8 by 10.3cm with a 4.6cm depth.


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