Our Jewellery Box Lining Service


Bring Your Jewellery Boxes Back To Life!

We can refurbish your jewellery boxes and carry out minor interior and exterior restoration

Do you have an old jewellery box with worn or soiled linings, or perhaps a different type of box with no linings at all? If so, we can provide a solution for you!

We can remove old tatty linings and beautifully refurbish the interiors of your vintage and antique jewellery boxes. We can also refurbish unlined boxes to make them more functional for jewellery storage. 

We hand make our beautiful padded panels and linings, ensuring they fit perfectly into storage compartments. We use beautiful high-quality materials such as velvet, satin, cotton and paper. You can choose which material/s you prefer.

We can also sand and stain rough/untreated wooden boxes and carry out minor restoration work. We can also polish metal boxes made of silver, brass or chrome, etc.

Lining other types of boxes

Other types of boxes we line include pill boxes, trinket boxes, Christening boxes, music boxes, pencil boxes, cigarette boxes and more! All of these can be converted for jewellery storage with our beautiful padded panels and linings.

Broken Mirrors

We can usually remove cracked or chipped mirrors and replace them with new mirrors that are custom made to the appropriate size and shape.




Below are some examples of our work and further details about our service.

Lining and relining jewellery boxes

A vintage box refurbished with new royal blue velvet panels and linings.

 A Vintage Jewellery Box With Our New Padded Velvet Panels And Linings

Choose Your Materials

  • Choose a fabric and/or paper.
  • Choose a colour/colour scheme.
  • Choose padded base panels and/or linings to the interior walls.
  • Opt to have the interior walls stained or painted instead of lined.
  • Choose a trim to frame mirrors or panels

 Choose Your Style

  • You can choose to have padded panels in the bases of your compartments only or opt to have the addition of fabric or paper linings to the interior walls also.
  • You can choose velvet, satin or cotton panels and plain or printed fabric or paper linings.
  • We have a variety of fabrics and papers in stock - alternatively, we can order in other materials or you can opt to send us your own.

The Process

We will talk you through all of the available lining options and give you an estimate of the price before you send us your box.

You will send your box to us by either Next Day Special Delivery or Recorded delivery. We will advise you on the best postage service to use, depending on the size and value of your box.

We will assess your box upon receipt to ensure it is suitable for the linings you have chosen. We will advise you of any changes that we feel are necessary.

We will send you regular updates on the progress of our work, as we go along. This will include photos to ensure you are happy.

When our work is finished we will send you an invoice. Once paid we will post your box back to you by either Next Day Special Delivery or 1st Class Recorded Delivery. Delivery back to you will be free of charge.

Our Prices

Our relining service starts from as little as £30 for small presentation boxes such as the Liberty box shown below.

For medium and large boxes our prices range from £75 to £250.

                                Vintage Relined Liberty Presentation Box

A vintage Liberty presentation box relined with a new padded velvet panel.
The teal velvet was chosen to complement the original padded panels to the insides of the doors.


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