Our Jewellery Box Lining Portfolio

This page shows you a selection of vintage and antique jewellery boxes which we have lined or relined.

We use a variety of high-quality fabrics and papers to make beautiful padded panels and linings.

Our customers choose which fabrics and papers they'd like, with guidance and advice from us.

We can line numerous types of boxes to convert them into functional jewellery boxes.

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Antique Jewellery Box Pre Refurbishment     Antique Jewellery Box Post Refurbishment

BEFORE                                                                                                         AFTER


The interior of this particular antique box was in very poor condition. Its storage tray had broken compartments and its foil linings were extremely worn. The paper linings in the lower large compartment were also very worn and dirty.

The Storage Tray - We constructed two 'new' compartments for the tray by using some of the wooden panels from the original broken compartments. These were originally at the front of the tray and repositioned on either side of the undamaged compartment at the rear of the tray. We made new padded panels for both compartments, using the original teal blue silk from the original compartments which were beyond repair. We relined the interior of the tray with high-quality paper (floral print and plain) and relined the underside of the tray with a printed paper. The original foil linings to the sides and top edges of the tray were left in situ.

The ruffled silk panel to the inside of the lid is original. The leaves in the printed paper we chose for the tray, have various shades of blue to complement the original silk.

The Lower Large Compartment - We made a new padded satin panel for the base, in a shade to complement the new linings of the tray. We relined the interior walls of the compartment and inside of the lid, with new high-quality 'antiqued' paper.


 Further examples of our jewellery box linings

A vintage Japanese box which we lined with Liberty print fabric and floral paper


An Art Deco box which we lined with a padded gold cotton panel and cotton linings


A vintage Sorrento box which we lined with a padded velvet panel and pink cotton linings



A lovely 1950s retro box which we lined with a pretty padded floral cotton panel and linings

An Art Deco Box which we lined with a padded teal velvet panel and floral cotton linings


A vintage 1970s box which we relined with new padded heart print cotton panels



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