High Quality Italian Art Deco Inlaid Jewellery Box

( JB192 )
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Superb high-quality Italian inlaid Art Deco jewellery box. Made of solid Olivewood and with beautiful inlaid Swallows and a flower.

High Quality Italian Art Deco Inlaid Jewellery Box

This is a beautiful Art Deco jewellery box. It was made in Italy in the 1920s and is complete with its original key.

The Exterior

The box is made of solid Olivewood. This has beautiful figuration, particularly on the back and sides. It is the nicest example of Olivewood that i've ever seen on a jewellery box to date! There is a description about Olivewood further down.

The lid has beautiful inlaid Swallows plus a beautiful large inlaid flower. The inlay is made up of various hardwoods and those of the flower have been beautifully stained. This adds a wonderful splash of colour to the box!

There is a diagonal band of mosaic inlay between the Swallows and the flower. This wonderful type of mosaic inlay is known as 'Tesselation'. A description of this can be found below.

All of the beautiful inlay on the lid is framed by a decorative concentric border. This adds a beautiful finishing touch to the lid.

There is also a beautiful inlaid Swallow to the flap which forms part of the lock. This is a wonderful extra piece of detail and makes the box that extra bit special. These flaps, on the whole, are usually left plain.

Swallow Symbolism

The Swallows on this box were most likely added as a form of symbolism. The Swallow represents the safe journey home of a loved one.

Mosaic Tesselation Inlay

This type of inlay is skillfully created with hundreds of tiny pieces of wood. It is painstakingly put together over many, many hours, to form a beautiful mosaic pattern. Several varieties of wood are used, to add colour and dimension to the mosaic.

The Interior

The interior has two swing opening compartments and a further larger compartment beneath. The compartments have been beautifully relined by our wonderful skilled box restorer. They have new padded emerald green silk panels and emerald green satin linings to the walls.

There is a lovely oval bevelled mirror to the inside of the lid. This has picked up some staining over the years but you can still clearly see yourself in it.

The box has its original brass stop hinges and key, as well as its original French brass lock. French locks have a quality locking mechanism as detailed below.

The stop hinges prevent the lid from falling back and prevent the top compartments from swinging too far back.

Our Jewellery Box Restorer

You can read about Jim, our wonderful box restorer by visiting our About Us page.

About French Locks

French locks have an excellent locking mechanism, designed to deter thieves from stealing the contents of a box! They were cleverly designed so that its key could be turned TWICE to both lock and unlock the box. The owner would hope that an intruder would be unaware of this secret mechanism and believe the lock to be faulty when it did not open upon one turn! French locks can also be operated with just one turn if desired.


This wonderful box is in excellent condition for its 95 plus years of age. All of the inlay is present and intact and the box is structurally sound. There is very little wear to the Olivewood.

The interior linings and panels, being new, are in excellent pristine condition!

Signs Of Quality

The intricate inlays, bevelled mirror, French lock and the additional Swallow on the flap, are all signs of the excellent quality of this box! The chosen pieces of Olivewood for this box, with their superb figuration, also show that a lot of thought was put into this box by its maker!

About Olivewood

Olivewood has a distinctive grain and rich colour which gives it a beautiful appearance. It has characteristic brown and yellow streaks which make for a beautiful contrast.

These features make it a sought after wood for decorative items such as jewellery boxes.

Olivewood is also favoured for its hardness. It is a strong durable wood with a fairly high density and takes well to cutting and polishing.

The Olive tree primarily grows in the coastal regions of the Mediterranean. Its wood has been used for many years by Italian box makers in particular. It is also a favoured wood in areas of the Holy Lands such as Jerusalem.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length:  24.7cm
Width:   13.2cm
Height:  10.2cm

Swing Compartments x 2:

Each 10.2 by 9.7cm with a 3.0cm depth.

Lower Compartment:

22.5 by 10.3cm with a 4.4cm depth.


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International postage is £25 by International Tracked Post.

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