Beautiful Large Walnut Veneered Jewellery Box

( JB190 )
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Fabulous large Burr Walnut veneered jewellery box with 4 drawers and 2 slide-out necklace storage compartments.

Beautiful Large Walnut Veneered Jewellery Box

This is a beautiful large modern jewellery box with a lovely Burr Walnut veneer to the front. Its top is made from solid Ash and has a decorative stepped design. There is beautiful figuration to the Ash and it has a lovely stained black finish.

The front of the box has side opening doors which conceal two slide-out necklace storage compartments. The doors stay securely closed with magnetic clasps and have decorative gold metal hinges and handles. The box also has four large storage drawers, the bottom two of which are designed to hold specific types of jewellery.

The bottom drawer is specifically designed for rings and has 7 padded ring storage sections. It will hold between 40-50 rings, depending on their sizes.

The next drawer up has two compartments, specifically designed for earrings. The left compartment has neatly fitted inserts with grooves for storing either studs or small hoop earrings. It will hold 10 pairs in total. The compartment on the right is roomy and will store many pairs of larger size earrings.

The top two drawers have single large compartments. These are spacious and deep enough to hold bangles, bracelets, watches and beads. These drawers are also ideal for storing other pieces of jewellery such as pendants and brooches.

Each of the slide-out necklace compartments have gold metal hooks for hanging necklaces and chains. There are 10 hooks in total and you can hang 2 or 3 chains on each. The hooks enable you to space out the necklaces and prevent them from becoming tangled!

All of the above compartments have lovely soft plush teal green felt linings. The drawers have gold metal handles which match those on the opening doors.


Please ensure the front doors are closed before moving the box around. The doors prevent the drawers from sliding out.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for requirements.

Length:  32.5cm
Width:   21.5cm
Height:  22.0cm

The Top Two Drawers:

18.0 by 16.0cm with a 3.0cm depth.

The Third Drawer Down:

Left Compartment With Earring Inserts:

16.0 by 8.5cm square with a 3.0cm depth.

Right Compartment:

16.0 by 8.8cm with a 3.0cm depth.

The Bottom Drawer:

18.0 by 16.0cm.  Holds 40-50 rings.

The Slide Out Necklace Compartments:

Internal Space:

Each 15.8 by 15.0cm with a 3.0cm depth to the sides.


This box being modern and with very little age, is therefore in very good condition. All of the interior linings are excellent and from the inside it appears that the box has never been used.

There are a few teeny fleabite nicks across the front edge of the Ash top and a tiny piece of Walnut veneer is missing to the top front right corner of the top drawer.

There is very slight wear to the veneer across the top edges of the 2nd and 3rd drawers and across the top and bottom edges of the necklace compartments. This wear is very minor and barely noticeable.

The main wear on this box is on the base which cannot be seen unless you turn it upside down. This wear is as we'd expect and is from where the box has been moved around on various surfaces. Please see the last of the images at the top of this page.

The box is free from damage and is structurally sound. It is a very heavy, solid, well-made box!


The box will be posted FREE within the UK, by Parcelforce Express 24hr Delivery.


There is no International postage on this box due to its size and weight.

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