Hand Painted Inlaid Italian Art Deco Jewellery Box

( JB206 )
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Beautiful Italian Art Deco jewellery box. Made of solid Olivewood and with lovely hand-painted symbolic flowers. Original satin linings.

Hand Painted Inlaid Italian Art Deco Jewellery Box

This is a beautiful Italian Art Deco jewellery box, made in the 1920s/30s. It is made of solid Olivewood and has its original working lock.

The Olivewood has beautiful figuration and colour. We have provided some information on this variety of wood, further down in the description.

The Exterior

The lid has beautiful hand-painted Violas/Pansies, surrounded by a tesselated, mosaic inlaid frame. Please see our description of this type of inlay further down.

The front side of the lid has been beautifully shaped into a flowing curved form.

The box is complete with its original lock and has a decorative replacement key. It also has a lovely long piano stop hinge, which prevents the lid from falling back.

There are beautiful dovetail joints to both the box and its interior swing compartments.

Pansy/Viola Symbolism

The flowers on the lid were most likely added as a form of symbolism. The Pansy/Viola has the endearing sentiment "Thinking Of You". This goes back to the Victorian era. This beautiful sentiment makes the box that extra bit more special!

Mosaic Tesselation Inlay

This type of inlay is skillfully created with hundreds of tiny pieces of wood. It is painstakingly put together over many, many hours, to form a beautiful mosaic pattern. Several varieties of wood are used, some of which are stained, to add colour and dimension to the mosaic.

The Interior

The interior has two swing opening compartments and a further larger compartment beneath. The compartments have their original quilted satin panels and original satin linings. The satin is a beautiful deep red colour.

The inside of the lid has a beautiful new, oval-shaped Mahogany wood panel. This has been decorated with hand-painted Pansies/Violas to compliment those on the exterior. The panel has been manufactured, hand-painted and initialled by our skilled box restorer. It is completely unique to this box!

The base of the box has a lovely new plum coloured paper covering.

About Olivewood

Olivewood has a distinctive grain and rich colour which gives it a beautiful appearance. It has characteristic brown and yellow streaks which make for a beautiful contrast. These features make it a sought after wood for decorative items such as jewellery boxes.

Olivewood is also favoured for its hardness. It is a strong durable wood with a fairly high density and it takes well to cutting and polishing.

The Olive tree primarily grows in the coastal regions of the Mediterranean. Its wood has been used for many years by Italian box makers in particular. It is also a favoured wood in areas of the Holy Lands such as Jerusalem.


This wonderful box is in excellent condition for its 80/90 years of age.

All of the inlay is present and intact and the box is structurally sound.

The interior linings/panels are in excellent condition with no splits or fraying.

The exterior has some minor light age-related wear/light surface scratches. There is a fine hairline age split to the front left of the box which is in no way unsightly. It is superficial and does not run deep into the wood.

The hinge is in excellent working order and the box locks securely.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length:  20.0cm
Width:    12.0cm
Height:     9.5cm

Swing Compartments x 2:

Each 10.5cm square with a 2.8cm depth.

Lower Compartment:

17.0 by 8.0cm with a 2.8cm depth.


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