Refurbished Flame Mahogany Antique Jewellery Box

( JB341 )

Fabulous large antique solid jewellery box with a beautiful flame Mahogany veneer. Lovely fully refurbished interior with multiple compartments. Circa 1890/1900.

Refurbished Flame Mahogany Antique Jewellery Box

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This is a wonderful antique jewellery box with a beautiful Flame Mahogany veneer.  It dates back to the Victorian period, circa 1890/1900.

The Exterior

This box is complete with its original 'stop' hinges which prevent the lid from falling back.

The Flame Mahogany has a warm rich colour and superb figuration.  There is a paragraph below with further information about this particular variety of Mahogany.

The bottom of the box has a recently added, new felt covering.  This will protect the surfaces of your furniture.


Please note that the keep to the lock is missing and therefore the box does not lock.  It does not come with a key.

About Flame Mahogany

Flame Mahogany (also known as 'crotch-cut' Mahogany) is cut at the crotch where a limb protruded from the trunk of the tree.  This produces the beautiful flame like figuration.

The Interior

The interior of this box has been fully refurbished.  Its large base compartment, the compartments of the storage tray, plus the inside of the lid, all have new quality textured paper linings.  This paper has the appearance of woven fabric.  The lids of the front three compartments in the storage tray, have new patterned satin coverings.  The lovely knob handles are original.

The storage tray itself is original and has been newly polished and stained.  This has multiple compartments which are various shapes and sizes.  The smaller compartments are ideal for rings, earrings, pendants and brooches, and the larger for chains and bracelets.  The large base compartment is very spacious and will hold larger pieces of jewellery such as bangles, beads and watches.


This lovely antique box is in very good condition for its 100 plus years of age.  It is of sound structure and has no nasty knocks or scratches.

The Mahogany veneer is still beautiful overall.  There are a couple of shallow indentations within it, on the lid, but these are barely visible.  There are some old repairs to the veneer on the front left and rear left and right, bottom corners.  These repairs have been done very well and are not very conspicuous.  The wear is as we'd expect on a box of this age, that has been loved and used for its purpose.  You can see from its professional repairs and refurbishment, that its been taken good care of by its original owner/s.

The hinges are still in perfect working order.

There is a small amount of glue residue on the felt covering on the bottom of the box.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length:  29.5cm
Width:   22.0cm
Height:  11.5cm

Large Interior Base Compartment:

26.0 by 19.3cm with a 4.3cm depth.  (7.5cm depth if the tray is removed).

Storage Tray - Centre Front Lidded Compartment:

12.2 by 6.2cm with a 2.6cm depth.

Storage Tray - Front Left & Right Lidded Compartments:

8.0 by 6.0cm with a 2.6cm depth.

Storage Tray - Narrow Centre Front Compartment:

13.2 by 2.2cm with a 3.0cm depth.

Storage Tray - Back Rear Compartments x 6:

4.5 by 4.0cm with a 3.0cm depth.

Storage Tray - 2nd Row From Back, Centre Compartments x 2:

7.3 by 4.0cm with a 3.0cm depth.

Storage Tray - 2nd Row From Back, Left & Right Compartments:

5.0 by 4.0cm with a 3.0cm depth.


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