Beautiful Vintage Jewellery Box With Cherub

( JB201 )

Beautiful Vintage Jewellery Box With Cherub

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This beautiful old jewellery box has stunning decoupage decoration, a beautiful solid brass swing handle, and large decorative brass hinges.  

The hinges are nice and tight and prevent the lid from falling backwards.

The endearing symbolic meanings of the subjects on the decoration, make this box that extra bit special! Descriptions of these are given further down this page.

About Decoupage

Decoupage is decorative printed paper, cut out and then glued onto the surfaces of decorative items such as jewellery boxes and furniture.  It is then sealed with several layers of varnish or lacquer, to protect it from loosening and becoming damaged.

The subjects of Victorian decoupage in particular are flowers, fruits, animals, insects, hearts and cherubs.  These all have symbolic meanings and the symbolism of the subjects on this box are detailed below.

The decoupage on this box

The decoupage to the lid of this box features a beautiful cherub surrounded by a garland of flowers and leaves.  The flowers in the garland are predominantly roses.  Within the garland is a beautiful dove, sitting inside a horseshoe.  This can be seen at the foot of the cherub.

The decoupage to the front and sides of this box feature several varieties of flowers, again predominantly roses.

The Victorian symbolism on this decoupage

The Dove represents peace & faith.

The Horseshoe represents good luck and protection.

The Cherub represents guidance and strength.

The Roses represent love, hope and joy, with the red roses also symbolizing beauty and grace, and the white symbolizing faith.

The age of this box and its decoration/fitments

The decoupage appears to be original and dating to the Victorian period.  The box itself however appears to be much later, vintage 1940s/50s in date.  The handle and hinges are vintage Victorian style replacements.  There is a lovely black stain and painted gilt finish to the wood, which appear to be later additions.

It appears that this box has been refurbished to give it an antique Victorian design.  The refurbishment is a mix of genuine Victorian paper and later vintage fitments and stain/gilt decoration.

The interior

The interior has a single deep compartment.  A new pink felt lining has been added to its base to protect the intended contents.


This wonderful old box is in lovely condition.  It is structurally sound and has no nasty knocks.

There is some minor surface wear as we'd expect from age and handling, but nothing unsightly to report.  You can vaguely see marks from where the original hinge used to be, and from where a lock was once situated on the front. These are only visible under close scrutiny!

The bottom of the box has some light wear and light surface scratches.

The interior felt lining, being new, is in perfect condition.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length:  18.0cm
Width:   11.0cm
Height:  12.3cm

Interior Compartment:

16.2 by 9.0cm with a 7.5cm depth.


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