Small Antique Victorian Cantilever Jewellery Box

( JB213 )
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Lovely late Victorian antique jewellery box. The exterior has a textured black leather finish and a matching leather strap handle. The box has a stylish flapped lid and front flap panel, as well a brass catch with a push-down release mechanism.

Small Antique Victorian Cantilever Jewellery Box

This is a lovely antique jewellery box, dating to the late Victorian period. Its exterior has a textured black leather finish and a matching leather strap handle. It has a stylish flapped lid and front flap panel, and a brass catch with a push-down release mechanism.

The Interior

The interior has two compartments at the top and a further larger compartment beneath. The top two compartments open out to each side, on lovely brass cantilever hinges. Both of these compartments have ring storage sections within them.

The inside lid and flaps have high quality watered silk panels which are a beautiful shade of purple. The 3 storage compartments have lovely lightly padded, brushed silk panels, which are a beautiful deep violet colour. The ring storage sections have padded velvet coverings, again a violet shade.

The bottom of the box has a vinyl-like covering which is also a shade of purple.


Circa 1880.

The Catch/Lock

The box stays securely shut with the catch, and the catch releases easily by pushing down the ball to the left side of the keyhole.

Note: The lock on the catch no longer functions but comes with an antique 'dummy' key. This is for decorative purposes only.


This box is in very fair condition for its 130 plus years of age. It has some wear here and there as we'd expect on a genuine antique box. The wear is not unsightly in our opinion, but rather adds to its charm! It shows that the box has been much loved and regularly used for its purpose.  Please view all of the photos provided to make up your own mind on this.  The box is in complete original condition and may not be to everyone's taste.

The wear to the exterior is mainly along the edges of the top flap and to the edges around the base of the box. There is also some wear around the catch. This is simply worn from handling and the box has no actual damage.

There is some wear to the silk on the inside of the flap to the lid. This is just along the top edge. There is minor light wear to the velvet covering the ring storage sections and some wear to the leather finishes of the interior compartments. Again the above is from handling.

There is some prominent wear to the covering on the bottom, but this cannot be seen unless you turn the box over.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements. It is a small-sized box but will hold a fair amount of jewellery, as good use has been made of the interior space!

Length:  15.0cm
Width:     9.5cm
Height:    6.1cm

Interior Top Compartments x 2 (excluding the ring storage sections):

6.6 by 4.2cm with a 2.3cm depth.

Interior Lower Compartment:

14.0 by 6.6cm with a 2.5cm depth.


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