Beautiful Antique Oak Jewellery Box In Book Form

( JB159 )

Beautiful book-shaped antique Oak jewellery box with inlaid tumbling blocks. Drawer compartment with soft green velvet lining.

Beautiful Antique Oak Jewellery Box In Book Form

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This is a beautiful antique Oak jewellery box in the form of an old book.  It was made during the Edwardian period, 1901-1910.

The box is complete with its original key and brass lock.

The top of the box has beautiful inlaid decoration. There are bands along the sides with a multi diamond pattern, plus geometric 3 dimensional 'tumbling blocks' in the centre.
The inlay is made of various woods and is still in excellent condition.

The box has a wonderful drawer compartment which is lined with soft green velvet.  The spine of the book is the front of the drawer, and this is where you slide it out.  The book is titled 'Cameos' and has the author's initials A.B.  The lettering is in beautiful script and is also inlaid.

There is a beautiful inlaid diamond escutcheon around the lock and 4 bands across the spine.  The centre two are white metal, and the top and bottom are wood.

The quality of this box is superb.  The Oak to the top and bottom is quarter sawn to display its Medullary rays.  These are a very distinctive feature of wood.  A brief description of these rays has been given below.

Medullary Rays

Medullary rays (in botany) are a beautiful characteristic of wood.  They are radial sheets or ribbons which extend vertically through the tree, across ways and perpendicular to its growth rings.

This box would make an especially beautiful gift for book lovers and writers.  Its title refers to a short literary sketch, but could also relate to cameo roles, cameo plaques or cameo jewellery. In these senses the box would also appeal to actors and collectors of cameo's and jewellery.


The box is in excellent condition for its age.  It is structurally sound and locks securely.  There is no inlay missing and the inner velvet lining is still very good with no splits.  The Oak has minor light surface wear as you'd expect for its 100 plus years of age.  There a few small marks around the tumbling blocks.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length: 19cm
Width:  16.5cm
Height: 4.5cm

Inside drawer compartment:

14.7 by 12.2cm with a 2.6cm depth.


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