Large Refurbished Antique Victorian Sewing & Jewellery Box

( JB470 )
SOLD ~ Please contact us if you are looking for a similar box and we will endeavour to source one for you!

Beautiful large antique box with a superb rare exotic Amboyna Burl wood veneer. Beautiful array of inlays and a stunning interior with a mix of new and original satin and velvet linings. Working lock and key.

Large Refurbished Antique Victorian Sewing & Jewellery Box

Please contact us if you are looking for a similar box and we will endeavour to source one for you!

This is a beautiful large Victorian box for the storage of both jewellery and sewing implements. It has a stunning partially refurbished interior, alongside its original beautiful linings. It dates to 1860/1870 and has its original working lock and key.

The Exterior

This box has superb rare exotic Amboyna Burl wood veneer. This has a glorious rich warm colour and beautiful figuration.

There are beautiful wide inlaid bands running across the lid and front of the box. The bands have an array of various inlaid materials, including Mother of Pearl, Abalone shell, Ebony wood and bone.

There is a large inlaid Mother of Pearl cartouche on the lid, surrounded by an inlaid scrolled shield. There is a complimentary inlaid Mother of Pearl escutcheon to the keyhole.

The edges of the lid are beautifully shaped and have further strips of inlay that match the wide bands.

All of the inlay is set flush into the Amboyna Burl wood.

The box is complete with its original stop hinges which hold the lid upright at a 90 degree angle. It is also complete with its original working lock and key.

The bottom of the box has a new felt covering which will protect the surfaces of furniture.

The Interior

The interior has its original storage tray at the top which has multiple compartments and padded pin cushions. Further details of the tray are below.

There is a further large single compartment beneath the tray which is deep and very spacious. This will hold a vast amount of jewellery, including large pieces such as bangles, watches and beads. This large compartment has been beautifully refurbished by our very skilled box restorer. It has a gorgeous new padded gold satin panel in the base and new gold satin linings to the walls.

The inside of the lid is absolutely stunning and everything within it is completely original to the box. It has a beautifully fitted, oval-shaped, bevel-edged mirror, surrounded by a fabulous ruffled cream silk panel.

The mirror has a border of blue silk cord trim and there is a beautiful complimentary blue satin frame surrounding the ruffled silk panel. The satin is a gorgeous teal blue shade.

The Storage Tray

The storage tray has 6 compartments at the front which were originally designed to hold cotton reels. They can be used for their original purpose but are equally functional for the storage of small pieces of jewellery such as rings, earrings and pendants etc.

There is a large compartment to the centre rear of the tray which can also be used for jewellery or sewing items. It is roomy enough to store necklaces, brooches, bracelets and narrow bangles. The lid to this compartment has its original teal blue and cream satin linings. The cream satin oval is raised and padded and surrounded by blue silk cord trim. It can hold sewing pins or alternatively small stick pins and brooches. The lid has a lovely navy blue satin pull tab which enables you to lift it up with ease. Alternatively, you can lift it with the layered satin ribbon on the oval.

There are beautiful padded blue velvet cushions on either side of the above compartment. These were designed to hold needles and pins but are equally functional for brooches and stick pins.

There are beautifully shaped ledges in front of the cushions which have a peak in the centre. These were designed to store pins but would also make lovely storage for stud earrings. These ledges are lined with teal blue satin.

Between the shaped ledges is a removable holder, probably designed to store tapestry or cross stitch threads. This too is lined with teal blue satin and has a navy blue satin pull tab.

The tray has its original white metal loop handles which enable you to lift it from the box with ease. It has a new felt covering on the base.

Our Jewellery Box Restorer

You can read about Jim, our wonderful box restorer, by visiting our About Us page.


This beautiful box is still in very good condition for its age. It has sound structure and no unsightly damage.

The hinges and lock are still in great working order. The key securely locks the box.

The interior original satin and velvet linings are still in beautiful clean condition. They have no splits or fraying. The new satin panel and linings are in excellent pristine condition.

All of the inlay is present and intact.

The Amboyna Burl wood veneer is in very good condition overall. It has some small chips/cracks which are mainly confined to the edges around the bottom of the box. These are barely visible, being in inconspicuous areas. There are a few minor light superficial scratches present. Again not overly visible.

The flaws are as we'd expect on such an old box which has been loved and used.

About Amboyna Burl Wood

Amboyna Burl is an exotic wood from the Pterocarpus Indicus genus. Its name derived from Amboyna Island, one of the places the tree can be found. The tree and wood is sometimes referred to as 'Narra' but in Burl form it is known as Amboyna. This wood was much favoured by French box and cabinet makers because of its beautiful appearance.

Notes About Antique Locks

We would like to make you aware that antique locks can occasionally malfunction. They are already very old and will naturally have some wear from age and use. We are not responsible for locks that malfunction from further age and use once boxes are purchased.

Please ensure the lock is still working as soon as you receive your box. It will be checked again prior to posting.

You can view our full returns policy which includes locks, by visiting our Payments And Returns page.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length:  28.2cm
Width:   20.0cm
Height:  14.2cm

Lower Large Single Compartment:

23.5 by 16.5 with a 6.5cm depth.

Storage Tray - Rear Centre Compartment:

10.7 by 8.7cm with a 2.5cm depth.

Storage Tray - Front Compartments x 6:

4.0 by 3.8cm with a 2.5cm depth.


This box will be posted FREE within the UK by Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery.

International postage is not available on this particular box. This is due to its large size and weight which would make international postage very costly.

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