Japanese Lacquered Vintage Musical Jewellery Box

( JB263 )
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Japanese vintage musical jewellery box with a glossy black lacquered finish.

Vintage Japanese Lacquered Musical Jewellery Box


Details as per our email correspondence.

The Musical Movement

The musical movement plays a very pretty tune, the title of which we have not been able to decipher. It is operated via a wind-up key on the base of the box. 6 turns of the key are sufficient to wind up the musical movement.

The movement is in excellent working order. It plays the tune at its correct tempo and the music stops as it should, when the lid is closed or when the movement is fully unwound.

Notes About Vintage Musical Movements

As with all musical movements, care should be taken not to overwind them with the key. Over winding will result in the movement malfunctioning.

Vintage musical movements can suddenly malfunction at any time. They are already old and so will naturally have some wear from age and use. We are not responsible for movements that malfunction from further age and use once boxes are purchased.

You can view our full returns policy which includes musical movements by visiting our Payments And Returns page.


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