Vintage Hand Painted Musical Jewellery Box

( JB184 )
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Vintage Japanese musical jewellery box playing 'Til the End of Time'. Glossy black lacquered finish and hand-painted Japanese landscape scenes.

Vintage Hand Painted Musical Jewellery Box

This is a vintage Japanese musical jewellery box, dating to the 1940s/50s. It is a very rare box made by Tokyo Pigeon Co, who were one of the first Japanese music box company's after the 2nd world war.

The Musical Movement

The box has a precision 18 note movement which plays the beautiful tune 'Til The End Of Time'. This is a very romantic love song, written by lyricist Buddy Kaye and composer Ted Mossman in 1945. Its melody is based on Chopin's 'Polanaise Heroique' which was composed in the mid 1800s. It is such a beautiful piece of music and makes the box a very special gift for your loved one!

The movement is complete with its original PIGEON winding key.

The Exterior

The box has a glossy black lacquered finish and is decorated with hand-painted Japanese landscape scenes. The decoration is on the lid, front and sides and the lid is further decorated with iridescent Abalone Shell inlay. There is a very pretty engraved escutcheon to the keyhole.

The box is complete with its original hinges, lock and key.

The Interior

The interior has a lift up storage tray, which automatically raises when you open the lid. This has lovely white metal hinges and two lacquered lids which complement the decoration of the exterior. They are decorated with beautiful hand-painted boats and birds.

Beneath the tray is a further compartment, and the musical movement is nicely cased to the right of this. This has a lovely lacquered cover. In front of the casing is a little ring storage section.

The compartments and little ring storage section are beautifully lined/covered with a ribbed blue cord fabric. This too is original. New white tassels have been added to the lids of the top compartment and the key.

There is a lovely fitted mirror to the inside of the lid.

Operating the musical movement

6 turns of the winding key are required to play the tune in full. The movement has a tendency not to play until it is fully wound. The music stops as it should, when the lid is closed, or when the movement is fully unwound.

As with all musical boxes, care should be taken not to overwind the key.


This wonderful box is in excellent condition for its 65/75 years of age. It is structurally sound and free of damage. The painted decoration is still beautiful and vibrant and there are only a few small flea bite pieces of lacquer missing. This is barely noticeable. There are a few little pieces of Abalone shell missing, again not very noticeable.

The interior linings are still in beautiful condition. They are perfectly fitted and have no splits or frays. The ring storage section appears to be loose but is intentionally this way to hold rings of various widths. It will hold rings of up to 3mm in width.

There is a little 'speckled' cloudiness to the mirror which is as expected from its age. You can still clearly see yourself in it.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length:  18.0cm
Width:   12.5cm
Height:  10.0cm

Inner Top Compartment:

13.0 by 6.0cm with a 1.5cm depth.

Base Compartment:

10.5 by 9.5cm with a 3.0cm depth.


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