Vintage Sorrento Jewellery Box With Marquetry Inlaid Cats

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Beautiful vintage jewellery box from the Italian coastal town Sorrento. The lid features a marquetry inlaid and veneered scene of two adorable cats. The body of the box is veneered with rare Afzelia burl wood.

Vintage Sorrento Jewellery Box With Marquetry Inlaid Cats

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This is a beautiful small vintage jewellery box with gorgeous marquetry inlaid cats. It was made in Sorrento, Italy and it dates to the 1980s/1990s. It is made of a variety of woods, including rare Afzelia burl wood.

The Exterior

The body of this box is beautifully veneered with rare Afzelia burl wood. This has distinctive marbled figuring and beautiful small knots. Further information about this wood can be found below.

The lid has a beautiful marquetry inlaid and veneered scene of two adorable playful cats. The inlay and veneer consists of several colourful varieties of wood. The darker veneer in the background is Cherry wood and the lighter veneer above is Satinwood. The beautiful grey inlay on the left cat is Baltic Birch wood and the distinctive red-streaked inlay on the right cat is Box Elder wood. More information on this wood can be found below.

There is a beautifully veneered frame around the scene.

The lid has a slightly raised pyramid-like form with soft angles. The body of the box has beautifully rounded sides.

All of the wood has a polished finish which has given it a beautiful tactile smooth feel.

The box has a lovely polished gold metal piano hinge.

The bottom of the box has its original manufacturers label which includes an authenticity guarantee for the work of the hand-inlaid wood.

The Manufacturer

This box was made by the firm AUGUSTO (BOTTEGA D'ARTE SORRENTINA -  translated Sorrento Workshop of Art).

The Afzelia Burl Wood

Afzelia burl (Afzelia Xylocarpa) also known as Makamong Burl in Southeast Asia, is a beautiful rare wood. It has a similar appearance to Amboyna burl (another rare wood with a marble-like figuration) but has a more varied figuration. Highly figured burl pieces of Afzelia most often come from Asia whereas the non-figured pieces come from Africa. Afzelia in burl form (Xylocarpa) is listed as endangered. This is due to the tree's 50% population reduction in the last few generations. This has been caused by exploitation and a decline in its natural range. For these reasons, the wood is becoming increasingly rare and expensive.

The Box Elder Wood

The Box Elder tree is considered to be a variety of Maple. You don't often see items made of/containing this wood as it isn't very durable and hence can be difficult to work with. Items you do find tend to be small for this reason. The Box Elder on this box is a lovely feature, alongside the rare Afzelia burl!

The Interior

The interior is finished with beautiful polished Mahogany veneer. It has a single small storage compartment with soft plush red flock linings.


This box is in excellent condition with only very minor light wear. It has sound structure.

All of the veneers and inlay are present and intact.

The interior flock linings are clean and neatly fitted. They have no splits or fraying.

The hinge is still in very good working order.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length:   8.9cm
Width:     8.8cm
Height:    4.7cm (excluding the feet)

Interior Compartment:

5.7 by 5.6cm with a 3.0cm depth.


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