Stylish Art Deco Alligator Skin Jewellery Box

( JB543 )
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Stylish 1920s/1930s Art Deco jewellery box with a smart briefcase design. Beautiful real Alligator skin covering and original interior velvet linings. Five compartments plus ring storage sections.

Stylish Art Deco Alligator Skin Jewellery Box

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This is a beautiful fully lined Art Deco jewellery box with a stylish briefcase design. It dates to the 1920s/1930s and is covered with valuable Alligator skin. It has several compartments and a combination of both quadrant and cantilever hinges.

The Exterior

This box has a real Alligator skin covering which is dyed a lovely rich Chestnut brown shade. It has a beautiful high-quality spring-loaded catch/lock and a sturdy carrying strap.

The catch/lock is made of polished gold base metal and is stamped LEVER, LONDON MADE. You release the catch by sliding its button to the right. There is no key for the lock but the catch itself securely closes the lid.

The box has high-quality retracting quadrant hinges which are also made of polished gold base metal. These completely match the metal catch/lock.

The bottom of the box has its original textured beige vinyl covering.

The Alligator Skin

The Alligator skin has been beautifully replenished by our skilled box restorer. It now has a smoother, more supple finish and a lovely light sheen. The recent replenishing will both protect the skin and prevent it from drying out.

You can see the Alligator skin's distinctive umbilical scar to the top and sides of the box. This is more elaborate than that of a Crocodile's scar because of its lovely webbed pattern. This makes Alligator skin much more sought after and in turn more expensive than crocodile skin.

Distinguishing Between Crocodile & Alligator Skin/Patterns On Scales

Crocodile skin differs from Alligator skin. The Crocodile doesn't have such an elaborate umbilical scar. Usually, if the skin is Alligator, its distinctive scar will be placed predominantly on the product to prove that it's authentic. (Such is the case with this particular box). It is also used on the product as it makes for a beautiful feature. As Crocodile skin has a much smaller umbilical scar, its other scales are much more uniform and regular in shape than those on Alligator skin.

The patterning within each scale of Crocodile skin is never exactly the same, in the same way that no two fingerprints are ever identical. This is one of the ways you can decipher real Crocodile skin from fake skin and another way of distinguishing it from Alligator skin.

There are underdeveloped osteoderms (horny growths) on Crocodile skin, even on the reptile's smoother abdominal section. You do not find these on Alligator skin. These osteoderms have a denser structure and cannot be dyed as deeply as other parts of the skin that don't have them. Upon careful inspection, you will see that authentic dyed Crocodile skin will have a variation in colour, i.e lighter and darker shades. You will see on this box that the skin is pretty much the same Chestnut brown shade all over.

Crocodile skin has tiny depressed pores (follicles where hairs would've been) on the edges of its scales. Unfortunately, you cannot always see these on very aged vintage/antique items. Alligator scales do not have these.

The Interior

The rear of the interior has a long deep rectangular compartment and the front has four further, squarer compartments. The front compartments are layered, with the top two having quality cantilever hinges. These top two compartments simply slide out to either side, revealing the lower compartments beneath. There are lovely ring storage sections next to both of the top compartments. The cantilever hinges are also made of polished gold base metal.

The bases of all five compartments, plus the inside of the lid, have their original padded plush velvet panels. These provide soft protective cushioning for jewellery and are a lovely light peach shade. The ring storage sections are covered with the same velvet. The rear compartment and the top two compartments are complete with their original velvet pads. These provide a soft protective covering for jewellery.

The walls and top edges of the compartments are lined with the same material that covers the bottom of the box.


This box is still in extremely good condition despite its 90 to 100 years of age. It has sound structure and the hinges/catch are in excellent working order.

There is only minor light surface wear to the Alligator skin which is commensurate with age and honest use.

The interior velvet linings and pads are still in very good condition. They are neatly fitted and have only minor light wear and a few light marks. The same applies to the linings on the interior walls.

There is minor age/handling/friction wear to the covering on the bottom of the box. This is mainly confined to the edges.

Notes About Vintage/Antique Catches

We would like to make you aware that vintage/antique catches can occasionally malfunction. They are already very old and so will naturally have some wear from age and use. We are not responsible for catches that may malfunction from further age and use once boxes are purchased.

Please ensure the catch is still working as soon as you receive the box. It will be checked again prior to posting.

You can view our full returns policy which includes catches by visiting our Payments And Returns page.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length:  23.0cm
Width:    17.5cm
Height:     7.8cm

Interior Front Top Compartments x 2:

9.0 by 7.5cm with a 2.2cm depth.

Interior Front Lower Compartments x 2:

10.0 by 9.0cm with a 2.5cm depth.

Ring Storage Sections:

Hold 4-5 rings depending on their shapes and sizes.

Rear Rectangular Compartment:

21.0 by 4.5 with a 5.4cm depth.


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