Refurbished 3 Drawer Antique Leather Victorian Jewellery Box

( JB478 )
SOLD ~ Please contact us if you are looking for a similar box and we will endeavour to source one for you!

Beautifully refurbished 3 Drawer Antique Leather Jewellery Box. Numerous storage compartments with new Raspberry red satin linings.

Refurbished 3 Drawer Antique Leather Victorian Jewellery Box

Please contact us if you are looking for a similar box and we will endeavour to source one for you!

This is a beautiful large antique leather jewellery box which has been beautifully refurbished by our skilled box restorer. It dates to the late Victorian period and is complete with its original working lock and key.

The Exterior

The exterior has a lovely black textured leather finish.

The lid has a large decorative solid brass plate and swing handle. There is complimentary brass escutcheon to the keyhole and the box has high-quality solid brass quadrant hinges. All original.

The box is also complete with its original working brass lock and key.

The lock is a high-quality Bramah style lock. It has a 'push-in' spring-loaded mechanism and is designed to deter thieves. More details about the lock can be found below.

There is a drop-down flap at the front of the box which is where the lock is located. When you lift the lid, the flap comes down, revealing three interior drawers.

The bottom of the box has its original covering. 

The Interior

The interior has its original beautiful drawers which have numerous compartments and specific ring storage sections! The compartments are varying shapes and sizes and will hold a vast amount of jewellery. There are small compartments for earrings, pendants and brooches, and larger compartments for bangles, beads and watches. The compartments in the centre drawer are the perfect shape and size for laying out chains and necklaces.

All of the compartments, the inside of the lid, and the inside of the drop-down flap, have new padded satin panels. The interior walls of the compartments have new satin linings. The satin is a beautiful 'Raspberry' red shade. All of this refurbishment has been carried out by our skilled box restorer.

All three drawers have a black leather finish which matches that on the exterior of the box. Each drawer has its original brass swing handle and fitments, and the bottoms of each drawer have their original padded velvet coverings. The top drawer simply lifts up out of the box and the 2nd and 3rd slide out.

The interior base of the box has its original padded velvet panel which matches that on the bottoms of each drawer.

Our Skilled Box Restorer

You can read about our wonderful box restorer Jim, by visiting our About Us page.


This fabulous box is in very good condition for its age. It is a weighty box with sound structure.

There is some minor wear and some minor indentations and blemishes to the leather. There is some minor wear and tarnish to the brass plate and handles.

All of the interior satin, being new, is in immaculate unused condition!

The hinges and lock are still in excellent working order.

The covering to the bottom of the box has wear from age and friction.

All of the wear is as we'd expect on a box of this age which has been loved and used.

About Bramah Style Locks

A box fitted with a Bramah lock is an indicator of high quality. All antique locks manufactured by Bramah themselves, are stamped 'Bramah London', however not all Bramah patent locks were stamped in the same way. A few locksmiths, notably Sampson Morden & Co, manufactured Bramah patent locks, but Bramah made it clear that unless they were stamped Bramah they were not manufactured by themselves.

Joseph Bramah (13th April 1748 - 9th December 1814) who invented the lock, was born at Stainborough Lane Farm, Stainborough, Barnsley. He was an inventor and skilled locksmith who was best known for inventing the hydraulic press. Bramah designed this lock of his own and received a patent for it in 1784. In the same year he started the Bramah Locks Company at 124 Piccadilly Lane, London. This company are still in production today, in Marylebone, London, and in Romford, Essex.

Bramah locks were famed for their resistance to lock picking and tampering. The company famously had a 'challenge' lock, displayed in the window of their London shop from 1790. It was mounted on a board with the inscription 'The artist who can make an instrument that will pick or open this lock shall receive 200 guineas the moment it is produced'. The challenge stood for over 67 years until at the Great Exhibition of 1851 the American locksmith, Alfred Charles Hobbs, was able to open the lock. It took him 51 hours over a 16 day period to do so!

Operating The Bramah Style Lock

The Bramah lock has a spring mechanism which you'll feel as you insert the key. The key must be inserted in the correct position, with its tooth facing downwards. The key needs to be pressed into the lock and turned simultaneously to both lock and unlock it. It locks to the left.

Notes About Antique Locks

We would like to make you aware that antique locks can occasionally malfunction. They are already very old and will naturally have some wear from age and use. We are not responsible for locks that malfunction from further age and use once boxes are purchased.

Please ensure the lock is working as soon as you receive the box. It will be checked again prior to posting.

You can view our full returns policy which includes locks by visiting our Payments And Returns page.


Length:  25.7cm
Width:   18.3cm
Height:  14.7cm

Top Drawer - Centre Front Compartment:

9.5 by 8.0cm with a 2.0cm depth.

Top Drawer - Centre Rear Compartment:

11.5 by 3.2cm with a 2.0cm depth.

Top Drawer - Left & Right Front Compartments:

4.0 by 3.5cm with a 2.0cm depth.

Top Drawer - Left & Right Centre Compartments:

6.0 by 4.0cm with a 2.0cm depth.

Top Drawer - Left & Right Rear Compartments:

4.5 by 3.5cm with a 2.0cm depth.

Second Drawer - Front & Rear Compartments x 2:

21.5 by 6.5cm with a 2.5cm depth.

Third Drawer - Compartments x 3:

13.3 by 6.5 with a 3.2cm depth.


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