Large Light Up Japanese Vintage Musical Jewellery Box

( JB671 )
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Large Japanese vintage musical jewellery box playing 'Lara's Theme'. Beautiful hand painted decoration both inside and out. Working lock and key. The box has a light up display and a moving feature.

Large Light Up Japanese Vintage Musical Jewellery Box

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This is a beautiful large musical Japanese jewellery box with multiple compartments plus a light up display and moving feature.

The Exterior

The box has a glossy black lacquered finish and is decorated all over (apart from the back) with beautiful hand-painted Japanese landscape scenes. These scenes include Mount Fuji, temples, sailing boats and trees. There are also strips of beautiful inlaid Abalone shell, running along the edges of the box. This is colourful and has a beautiful iridescent shine.

There is a pretty engraved metal escutcheon to the keyhole and the box is complete with its original hinges, working lock and key.

The box has two drawers to the front and three compartments inside (see below). There are decorative metal handles to the drawers. Note: The right drawer needs to be pressed down slightly when drawing it out.

The bottom of the box is stamped with a patent number and MADE IN JAPAN.

The Interior

The interior has a compartment at the top which raises up on its own accord as you open the central lid of the box. This is attached to quality cantilever hinges that allow this automatic lift-up mechanism. The compartment has lids with a black lacquered finished and hand-painted scenes, in keeping with that on the box's exterior. They also have their original tassels.

There is a further compartment on each side of the box, making three compartments in total.

The inside of the central lid has a fitted mirror.

There is a beautiful resin rickshaw plus trees, in a perspex case beneath the top raised compartment. This display has beautiful flashing multi coloured lights and the wheel of the rickshaw turns around.

Click here to view this display and hear the music playing on our Facebook page.

The wheel begins turning when you wind up the musical movement and open the central lid of the box.

The lights are battery operated. The batteries are included and are located beneath a ledge in the right compartment. The lights come on when the central lid is opened.

Note: The batteries may move out of place during transit and may require an adjustment once you recieve the box. Occasionally the front battery needs to be tapped in order for the lights to operate.

All of the compartments and drawers have their original cerise pink ribbed cord linings. The mirror is beautifully framed with the same material.


Mid 2oth century.

The Musical Movement

The movement plays the tune 'Lara's Theme' from the film Dr Zhivago. This is operated via a winding key on the back of the box. The tune plays a little slow.

Operating The Movement

Six turns of the key are sufficient to fully wind up the musical movement.

The music stops, as it should, when the central lid is closed or when the movement has fully unwound.

Notes On Vintage Musical Movements And Locks

Care must be taken not to overwind the movement. Overwinding will result in the movement malfunctioning. Please allow the movement to fully unwind before rewinding.

Vintage movements/locks are already old and so naturally have some wear from age and use. They may occasionally deteriorate or malfunction over time.

We are not responsible for movements/locks that may deteriorate/malfunction from further age and use once a box is purchased. Neither are we responsible for movements that malfunction from overwinding.

Please ensure the movement and lock are working as soon as you receive your box. They will be checked again prior to posting.

You can view our full returns policy which includes musical movements and locks, by visiting our Payments And Returns page.


This lovely box is in excellent condition for its 60/70 years of age. It has sound structure and the lock is in good working order. 

The colours of the paint are still vivid.

There is minor light wear to the lacquered finish.

The interior linings are still neatly fitted and have no splits or fraying. They have minor light wear.

The interior mirror is lovely and clear and has no chips or cracks.

The wear is commensurate with age and honest use.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length:  32.0cm
Width:   12.5cm
Height:  16.5cm (excluding the feet)

Top Raised Storage Compartment:

11.0 by 4.7cm with a 1.2cm depth.

Left Compartment:

11.2 by 6.9cm with a 7.5cm depth.

Right Compartment:

11.2 by 6.9cm with a 4.0cm depth.

Drawer Compartments x 2:

7.8 by 5.4cm with a 4.2cm depth.


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