Beautifully Refurbished Late 19thC Oriental Antique Jewellery Box

( JB505 )
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Wonderful antique jewellery box, dating to 1880/1890. Beautiful Oriental box with hand-painted decoration. Stunning newly refurbished satin lined interior. Working lock and key. Extremely decorative box!

Beautifully Refurbished Late 19thC Oriental Antique Jewellery Box

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This is a late 19th-century Oriental jewellery box, dating to 1880/1890. It has beautiful hand-painted decoration and a stunning newly refurbished interior.

The Exterior

This box has a rich dark mahogany lacquered finish and profuse hand-painted decoration.

The lid is decorated with beautiful hand-painted leaves and flowers. It also has a pretty hand-painted frame which has the appearance of a linked chain.

The front of the box has a hand-painted bird, perched upon a leafy flowering shrub.

The back of the box has lovely hand-painted Water Lillies and Lily Pads.

There is also pretty hand-painted floral decoration on each side of the box.

The sides of the box have their beautiful original brass carrying handles. These are lovely swing handles and they are attached to brass plates which have decorative pierced detail.

The box has its original working lock and key, and the keyhole has a very decorative white metal escutcheon. This is a lovely replacement escutcheon with a design that is in keeping with the box's age and style. A braided gold silk tassel has been attached to the key. This beautifully complements the linings to the interior.

The Interior

The interior has been beautifully refurbished by our skilled box restorer. It has a new hardwood storage tray with 4 compartments and beneath this is a further single large compartment.

The interior walls and the inside of the lid have a beautiful black lacquered finish. They are also decorated with speckles of glittery gold paint. These beautiful speckles, against the black lacquer, give the appearance of a starry night sky! The gold satin linings beautifully complement this decoration.

All of the compartments have new high-quality satin linings. The satin panel within the lower compartment has been beautifully padded. This provides cushioned protection for jewellery. The satin is a gorgeous gold colour and it has given the interior a very luxurious look.

The compartments in the tray are of varying shapes and sizes. The rear compartment is ideal for laying out chains and necklaces. The front side compartments are ideal for small to medium-sized pieces of jewellery such as rings, earrings, brooches and pendants. The front centre compartment is ideal for larger pieces such as bracelets and slender bangles/watches. The large single compartment is deep and roomy. It has plenty of storage space and will hold large pieces of jewellery such as beads and thicker bangles/watches.

The storage tray has a dark ebonised finish which beautifully complements the black lacquer.

Our Jewellery Box Restorer

You can read about Jim, our wonderful box restorer, by visiting our About Us page.


This beautiful box is in very fair condition for its 120-130 years of age.

The majority of the lacquer is still glossy, which is lovely as this often dulls over time.

The colours of the paint are still quite bright, particularly the reds.

The hinges, handles, lock and escutcheon, are all securely fitted and in good working order. The box locks securely.

All of the satin linings, being new, are in immaculate clean and unused condition.

There is minor light wear to the lacquer in some areas but the majority of it is still in lovely condition.

There are two nibbles to the wood beneath the lacquer, just along the rear bottom edge of the box. These will not show if you have the front of the box displayed.

There are some small patches of wear to the lacquer on the bottom of the box. This is from friction, from where the box has been moved around over the years.

The lid does not close completely flush on the right-hand side. This does not prevent the box from locking.

The above flaws are commensurate with age and honest use. 

Notes About Antique Locks

We would like to make you aware that antique locks can occasionally malfunction. They are already very old and will naturally have some wear from age and use. We are not responsible for locks that malfunction from further age and use once boxes are purchased.

Please ensure the lock is still working as soon as you receive your box. It will be checked again prior to posting.

You can view our full returns policy which includes locks, by visiting our Payments And Returns page.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length:   26.7cm
Width:    17.0cm
Height:   13.0cm

Storage Tray - Rear Compartment:

23.2 by 4.4cm with a 1.9cm depth.

Storage Tray - Front Centre Compartment:

10.3 by 7.8cm with a 1.5cm depth.

Storage Tray - Front Left & Right Compartments:

7.8 by 5.7cm with a 1.5cm depth.

Lower Large Single Compartment:

25.0 by 14.8cm with a 6.0cm depth.


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