Beautifully Refurbished Antique Flame Mahogany Jewellery Box

( JB582 )
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Beautiful large antique jewellery box with Flame Mahogany veneer and very decorative inlays! The interior has been beautifully refurbished, yet has also retained its original ruffled silk panel inside the lid. The box dates to the Victorian period, circa 1890.

Beautifully Refurbished Antique Flame Mahogany Jewellery Box


This is a wonderful antique Flame Mahogany jewellery box which we have beautifully refurbished. It dates to the late Victorian period, circa 1890.

The Exterior

This box has a beautiful Flame Mahogany veneer which has a wonderful rich colour and superb figuration. There are beautiful inlaid frames to both the lid and front which have a highly decorative geometric design. There is a superb inlaid brass cartouche to the lid, surrounded by a high-quality inlaid frame, and a matching inlaid brass escutcheon to the keyhole, again with a surrounding inlaid frame. These are of a very high quality and are extremely decorative. All of these beautiful inlays are made from several varieties of wood.

The box is complete with its original brass 'stop' hinges which hold the lid upright. It is also complete with its original brass lock. Please note that there is no key with this box.

The bottom of the box has its original hessian covering.

About Flame Mahogany

Flame Mahogany (also known as 'crotch-cut' Mahogany) is cut at the crotch, where a limb protruded from the trunk of the tree. This produces its very decorative flame-like figuration.

The Interior

We have beautifully refurbished the interior of this box to bring it back to its former glory. We have done this by using new materials, alongside some of those which are original to the box.

The interior has its original storage tray at the top. This was in very poor condition when we acquired the box. It had broken compartments and very tatty/soiled linings.

We constructed two new compartments from the remaining good wood and positioned these on either side of the one good remaining compartment. These three compartments are at the rear of the tray. The original compartment in the centre has its original padded teal silk panel and its original silver foil linings/coverings.

The newly constructed compartments have been stained and have 'new' padded teal silk panels. This silk was salvaged from the existing damaged compartments. We have also made 'new' silk pull tabs for the tray, again with the same salvaged material. These enable you to lift the tray out of the box with ease.

The base of the tray has been relined with a beautiful high-quality floral print paper and its inside walls have been relined with a complementary burgundy paper. The top edges and outside walls of the tray have their original silver foil coverings. The bottom of the tray has a new burgundy paper covering which has a pretty white snow dot print.

There is a large single compartment beneath the tray which is deep and very spacious. This has a new plump padded satin panel which is a beautiful wine red shade. The padding provides cushioned protection for jewellery. This roomy compartment will hold a vast amount of jewellery, including large pieces such as broad bangles, chunky beads and watches. The interior walls of the compartment, plus the interior walls of the lid, have new high-quality 'antiqued' paper linings.

The inside of the lid boasts its original stunning ruffled teal silk panel. This has lovely plump padding.


This wonderful antique box is in very good condition. It has sound structure and only minor light wear, commensurate with age and honest use.

The inlays and veneer are still in remarkable condition overall. There is one tiny piece of veneer missing to the bottom front right corner of the box and a few nibbles within the veneer along the very bottom edges. These are only visible if you turn the box upside down. There is a fine hairline crack within the veneer on the right side of the lid. This has an old, stable repair. There are some minor light scratches within the veneer that are not overly noticeable. All in all the box is very lovely with its little flaws only proving its age and adding to its charm.

The hinges are still in perfect working order.

All of the original silk is in excellent condition with no splits or soiling.

All of the materials used for the refurbishment, are in excellent condition, being new.

There is a little wear around the edges of the original hessian covering on the bottom of the box.

Notes About The Antique Lock

Please note that we do not have the key for this box. We are therefore unable to guarantee that the lock is still fully functional.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length:   30.0cm
Width:    22.2cm
Height:   15.0cm

Large Interior Lower Compartment:

27.3 by 19.7cm with a 7.6cm depth.

Storage Tray - Centre Rear Compartment:

12.3 by 3.4cm with a 1.0cm depth.

Storage Tray - Rear Left & Right Compartments:

6.0 by 4.7cm with a 1.6cm depth.

Storage Tray - Space Infront of Compartments:

26.3 by 13.0 - 14.5cm with a 2.0cm depth.


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