Beautiful Japanese Antique Meiji Jewellery Cabinet

( JB692 )
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A very decorative free standing 19th century Japanese marquetry inlaid table jewellery cabinet from the Meiji period, circa 1880. New gold satin panels to the compartments and drawers.

Beautiful Large Japanese Antique Meiji Jewellery Cabinet

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This is a very decorative free standing 19th century Japanese table jewellery cabinet. It was made during the Meiji period (1868-1912) and is thought to date to around 1880. 

The Exterior/Compartments And Drawers

This beautiful box has a top lidded section with nine compartments, two of which have replacement lacquered and gilded lids.

Below the lidded section are a pair of doors with inset gilded decorative panels. These open to reveal six graduated drawers.

There are a further two tiers of drawers below the doored section, with one tier having two drawers and the bottom tier having one large drawer.

All of the drawers have beautifully shaped swing handles and the hinges to the doors have pretty engraved detail.

The bottom of the box has a beautiful plinth base.

The timbers used have patinated to a wonderful colour and the box has Yosegi Zaiku Hakone references. Yosegi Zaiku is a special type of woodwork with origins in the mountains of Hakone, Japan. This work was carried out by skilled craftsmen for hundreds of years and the craft uses different naturally coloured woods laid out in intricate geometric patterns to make complex and beautiful designs. This box whilst not pure Yosegi Zaiku (which usually has more regular and complex designs) certainly pays homage to this style.

There is very pretty gold floral decoration to the black lacquered finish around the edges of the lid.

The lid has been strengthened with two new solid brass hinges. These have replaced the original very old weak hinges.

To Open The Doors

To open the doors the knob on the right hand door slides to the right, and the left hand door has a sliding vertical catch at the bottom of its inside edge. Simply slide this catch upwards. (Please see the photos supplied to view the catch). To close the doors reverse the above procedure.

The Interior

All of the compartments and drawers have new gold satin (removable) panels to facilitate the safe storage of jewellery. The backs of each panel have high quality pretty floral paper coverings. The box would not originally have had such panels and so to maintain originality the panels are designed to be simply removed if not desired.

The inside of the lid has a fabulous hand painted landscape scene featuring Mount Fuji.


This box is in extremely good condition for its age. It is structurally sound and all of the timbers are still very nice with no nasty knocks or splits.

The new satin panels are in immaculate unworn, unused condition, being new.


The top lock to the lidded section is not functional and therefore has no key. The tiny keyhole to the doors is purely decorative and no key is required and never has been.

The cabinet would originally have had side handles which are missing. Most cabinets of this style and age either have missing or broken handles as the weight of the cabinet (particularly when loaded with contents) tended to be too much for the handles which were really meant to be a decorative feature rather than for actual use. The holes where the handles would have been on this box have been covered with old decorative studs of a design sympathetic to the piece.

There is some fading to the wood on the back and sides of the box, most likely to it being positioned in direct sunlight over the years. Keeping the box away from direct sunlight will prevent any further fading.

There is a slight gap between the lid and body of the box on the rear right hand side. This will not be obvious as the box will be displayed from the front.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length:   30.3cm across lid / 30.0cm across base
Width:    15.4cm across lid / 15.0cm across base
Height:   32.4cm

Top Lidded Section - Side Compartments x 2:

18.0 by 9.0cm with a 2.5cm depth.

Top Lidded Section - Front & Rear Compartments x 6:

Top Lidded Section - Centre Compartment:

Bottom Drawer:

18.0 by 9.0cm with a 4.8cm depth.


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