Beautiful 19th C Inlaid Mulberry Jewellery Box

( JB193 )
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Fabulous 19th C. antique jewellery box with very rare Mulberry wood veneer. Beautiful partially restored interior. Original stunning quilted and buttoned blue silk panel and mirror to the inside of the lid.

Beautiful 19th Century Inlaid Mulberry Jewellery Box

This is a beautiful 19th-century jewellery box, dating to 1850/60. It has a very rare Mulberry wood veneer and beautiful inlaid decoration to the lid.

The beautiful decoration to the centre of the lid is Boullework marquetry inlay. This inlay is made up of beautiful engraved Brass, iridescent Mother Of Pearl, Kingwood and Ebony wood. There are descriptions of Boullework marquetry and Kingwood further down.

The Mulberry wood veneer to the lid is beautifully framed by Kingwood cross banding and Boxwood stringing. There is a decorative but discreet white metal monogram to the left corner of the Mulberry veneer on the lid.

The box has ebonised bevelled edges and is complete with its original brass stop hinges. These prevent the lid from falling back. The box is also complete with its original quality brass French lock. This has a beautiful inlaid Brass escutcheon.

The box has a replacement key which locks it securely.

About French Locks

French locks have an excellent locking mechanism, designed to deter thieves from stealing the contents of a box! They were cleverly designed so that its key could be turned TWICE to both lock/unlock the box. The owner would hope that an intruder would be unaware of this secret mechanism and believe the lock to be faulty when it did not open upon one turn! French locks can also be operated with just one turn if desired.

About Boullework Marquetry

The term 'Boullework' comes from the name of the Frenchman Andre Charles Boulle (1642-1732) who developed the techniques that led to this form of decorative marquetry on French boxes and furniture from the 17th century onwards.

About Kingwood

Kingwood is related to the Rosewood family of timbers. It is a quality wood which was favoured by the French kings in the 17th and 18th centuries and this is how its name was derived.

The Interior

The interior has been beautifully refurbished by our wonderful skilled box restorer.

There is a new French polished hardwood tray which rests in the top of the box. This has multiple compartments and has been stained a nice deep colour to complement the Mulberry veneer. The front compartment is the ideal size for laying out chains and bracelets. Those behind are ideal for smaller pieces of jewellery such as rings, earrings and brooches etc.

There is a single large compartment beneath the tray which is the original base compartment of the box. This is a good size for larger pieces of jewellery such as bangles, watches and beads.

There are new royal blue satin linings to all of the compartments and padded royal blue satin panels to the bottoms of the large base compartment and front compartment of the tray. The underside of the tray has a new blue paper covering.

The inside of the lid is completely original! This has a deeply quilted and buttoned blue silk panel and blue silk trim to the walls. It also boasts a high quality elongated octagonal bevelled mirror which is beautiful! This is surrounded by decorative silk rope cord.


This beautiful box is in wonderful condition for its 150 plus years of age. It is structurally sound and is a lovely solid box.

There are some minor superficial hairline cracks in the veneer. These are as we'd expect on a box of this age which has been loved and used. They are not unsightly in our opinion and do not detract from the beautiful visual appeal of the box. The box has great style and quality and is a very classy genuine antique!


Please be aware that old locks can fail suddenly at any time, due to their age and prolonged use. Please see our policy on faulty locks in our returns policy.


Please use the following measurements to ensure the box is the right size for your requirements.

Length:  21.2cm
Width:   15.0cm
Height:  10.0cm

Storage Tray:

Front Compartment:

17.4 by 5.9cm with a 2.9cm depth.

Rear Centre Compartment:

6.8 by 4.7cm with a 2.9cm depth.

Rear Side Compartments:

4.7cm square with a 2.9cm depth.

Large Base Compartment:

17.5 by 12.5cm with a 3.3cm depth.


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